About Us

western food MADLY inspired by the idea that everyone should have access to quality food at crazily affordable prices with nice ambience, MAD JACK Cafe opened its first outlet in 2005 at Bukit Timah.

MAD JACK Cafes serve high quality Aussie & Fusion Food with unique benefits below:

  • Good food at crazily affordable prices
  • Nice & fun ambience w/ air-con & alfresco dining
  • Home-MAD quality food freshly cook on-the-spot
  • 5 STAR Quality Fresh & Natural ingredients
  • No MSG, Tenderizer, Preservative & Artificial Flavoring used
  • Low in Salt
  • Convenient Locations
  • MAD but not BAD Service
  • Money Back Guarantee Policy
If you have ever been to MAD JACK, you would know that it is a place where people of all backgrounds hang out and enjoy the benefits listed above.

western food Guided by the good-natured humor and steadfast philosophy of the founders, MAD JACK has developed into a chain of fun & casual restaurants.
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