Why MAD JACK Franchise

There are many great reasons to be part of MAD JACK franchise as we offer better food via better people through our unique system & training. The following are important factors for you to join our franchise:
  • High Success Rate
    Over the years, we have developed the experience to know what it takes to succeed. We have a system & process in place to ensure we have more than 80% Success rate in every new location.
  • Best Possible Return On Investment (ROI)
    Money talks, bullshit walks. Return On Investment (ROI) is the ultimate measurement of our business. We always consider a ridiculous amount of safety margin & crazy up-sides for every investment opportunity. We adopt a value-based strategy in a die-hard manner for our shareholders, franchisees & partners.
  • Simple System
    Simplicity is the key. Our franchise system is kept as simple as possible to ensure that it is idiot-proof. We always aim for win-win-win situations with our franchisees & partners.
  • Cash Business, No Bad Debt
    All our transactions are in cash, NETS or credit card. You will not have bad debt with our business.
  • Low Risk
    It is relatively low risk if you adapt a proven business model with on-going support from us.
Besides, you will find the following information to be useful in helping you to be part of our franchise team:

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