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Top 10 Story Ideas on MAD JACK
- Go bonkers over the insanely good chow.
- Dr Juices. Drink it to a better health.
- Eating your grilled steak right way.
- Desserts that drive you "MAD".

Australian Cuisine

MAD JACK Goes World Wide
MAD JACK prepares to spread the Australian cuisine fire on the web with a new look. Internet surfers will be able to gather a history of the restaurant, read back issues of Newsletter, look over MAD JACK's appetizin menu, peruse cakes and desserts.

Take a bite out of lamb Take a Bite out of Lamb
Juicy delicious MAD JACK prime lamb shank served just the way you like it. Thick, delicious and stewed to perfect tenderness, it served with vegetable, special MJ sauce and your choice of mashed potato or mushroom rice.
Restaurant Marketing MAD JACK Responds to the Latest Trends
There has been a recent flurry of articles in trade journals, restaurant media and daily newspapers about the change in marketing strategies for restaurants The so called "gurus" of public opinion have determined what you, the dining public, want and offered your observation....
MAD JACK Pomo MAD JACK Opens at Paradiz Centre (POMO)
August marked the grand opening month of MAD JACK at POMO Centre with new look and feel - an upscale and hip restaurant with authentic Aussie cuisine. Substantial research was done and investments amde to create an authentic Aussie Experience fromt eh flavorful cuisine to the well-designed interior. You can't miss the gigantic MAD JACK signage in bright red color when you drive past Selegie Road...
MAD JACK Juice Dr Juice - Drink it to a Better Health
Dr Juice is made of 100% fresh fruits and vegetables. No sugar added. This custom blends are concocted after much research - all with natural healing effect. It is available in eight different blends. Detox Agent, Cholesterol Buster, Weight Watcher, Brain Stimulator, Complexion Enhancer, Sports Energy Booster, Blood Pressure Reducer, Immunity Booster. We take this much of trouble with a glass of juice because that's just the way we treat everything at MAD JACK.
Know your lamb Hot on the Platter - Know your Lamb
The general consensus on lamb seems to be that of a meat with high cholesterol. When it comes to the nutritional advice on lamb you've been less informed. Here's the fact: lamb is rich in protein, high in nutrients, zinc, iron and niacin. Lamb is Australia's favorite meat according to recent Australia Week 2008 poll. A 336g of lamb gives you 76% of Vitamin A, 336g of lamb has only 267 calories from fat. Lamb in moderation (as should be the case with all things) is good for you.

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